what is it?

Your In Case of Emergency (ICE) Card is an easy to access information tool you carry with you at all times. A fully writable reverse allows details to be filled in on who should be contacted in the event of an accident or incident. It gives first responders key information on critical health issues; such as medication use, allergies or pre-existing conditions. It is easily identifiable and instantly to hand unlike carrying your details in a mobile phone, which may be locked or difficult to operate.

Information saves time, information saves lives. If you are taken ill or injured, carrying your ICE Card could make all the difference.

ICE Card - In Case of Emergency


who is it for?

I never let my son leave the house without his ICE Card. He likes to carry it because of the cool design. I like it, because it gives me peace of mind when I am not there to watch over him.
Nancy Handley, Chichester
My mother passed away a couple of years ago, and my father now stays on his own. He is a diabetic, and I worry about him taking proper care of himself. I bought him an ICE Card so I could be confident that his important medical details are always with him and that I will be notified if he has a medical emergency.
Derek Johnson, Bolton