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Pregnant ICEcard Pack

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Product Overview

protect yourself and the ones you love!

Plain and simple, an ICEcard is a card you carry with you everywhere you go. If you are ever in an emergency situation and are unable to speak for yourself, your ICEcard holds all the important information required by first responders to ensure your medical needs are properly and safely met. It also holds the contact details of the people you’ve selected to be notified – just as the card says - in case of emergency. Cards are supplied in packs with matching Key Rings and stickers which help to alert first responders that you are carrying an ICEcard.

The card is made of durable PVC with a fully writable reverse surface. Card dimensions are 54 x 86mm with a thickness of only 0.76mm (Same as your bank card). The ICEcard has been designed with the advice of first aid professionals, and with simplicity in mind. The words ‘IN CASE OF EMERGENCY’ are displayed in bright, bold text along the top right hand corner of the card along with the International (ISO) symbol for First Aid.

Pack Contents

1 x PREGNANT ICECard with writable reverse
2 x MEDICAL ALERT key rings
2 x MEDICAL ALERT vinyl stickers 40mm high x 28mm wide
1 x Gift sleeve with 'TO' and 'FROM' spaces to personalise for gift giving


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Additional details Card : If you have multiple medical conditions or a complex medical history then ensure first responders get all the information they need in an emergency.Click Here for Details




(No reviews yet) Write a Review